“No…Fiam” (“Well…My Son!”) Olaszrizling 2016 (Másolat)

1400 Ft inc VAT.

Fresh flowery aromas in the nose, turns tight in taste, reminds of bitter almond. Very characteristic!

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“No…Fiam” (“Well…My Son!”) Szekszárdi Olaszrizling 2016

Label text:
„No…Fiam” is a local idiom, „well,.my son” often used to begin a story between friends. This fresh olaszrizling is for conversation. Juicy, fruitful and dry, with that special charm to keep friends lingering over one more glass…János Eszterbauer
Rich in fragrance and taste, with fresh primary flavours, vivid citrus,
and hints of dried fruits such as peach and apple, fine acidity.